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The diversified application of rosemary extract

Post time: 2024-04-17


Rosemary is a perennial herb of the labiform family Rosemary, native to France, Spain, Italy and other countries, and is currently cultivated in China. Products containing water-soluble antioxidants or fat-soluble antioxidants extracted from rosemary are called rosemary extracts.

Active Ingredients:

Rosemary extracts are rich in antioxidants, phenolic compounds, terpenes, monoterpene alcohols and other active ingredients. Among them, rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid are particularly prominent.

Rosmarinic acid: Rosmarinic acid is a phenolic acid compound isolated from rosemary, and the o-diphenol hydroxyl group in the structure of rosmarinic acid makes it have a good antioxidant effect, and it can remove free radicals in the body by dehydrogenation.

Carnosic acid: Carnosic acid is a class of phenolic diterpenoid compounds. Rosemary extracts with different concentrations of carnosic acid can inhibit monocytosis, so it has strong antibacterial effect.


Food additives: In the food industry, rosemary extract, as a natural and safe preservative and antioxidant, is widely used in a variety of meat products, baked goods, fats and hot pot ingredients, effectively extending the shelf life of food and improving food quality.

Daily chemicals: In the cosmetics and personal care industry, rosemary extract is sought after for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and is used in skin care products, shampoos, body washes and other products.

Feed additives: Rosemary extract can be used as a feed additive to regulate the immune system of poultry and livestock and effectively improve meat quality.

About Us:

Naturalin Agriculture has its own rosemary planting base, and has complete production equipment and experienced production team to ensure the authenticity of rosemary extract raw materials and the stability of product quality.


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