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About Us

Naturalin Agricultural was established in 2018,and it is engaged in planting and manufacturing a wide range of quality and unadulterated natural herbs, herbal extracts & botanical products. We own oganic planting base, located on Group 3, Laotang, Xuanzhouhe Community, Hengshan County, China.

We focus on all the stages of the manufacturing process from raw materials to final ingredients and its application solutions in industries. We believe the best ingredients can only come from the finest raw materials and manufacturing process controlling.

Naturalin Agricultural adheres to the quality management idea of "TQM" to set up a elite team including R&D, Production and QC and establish strict SOP and equip with a number of international precision inspection facilities.

Strict international standards of work, high quality assurance, sustained and stable products’ supply capability, making Naturalin Agricultural become a reliable ingredient supplier to the world.

Why Choose Us?

lnnovation Through Nature: Manufacturing Natural Ingredients Tailored To Your Needs

We offer more than 350 single herbs and propri-etary formulas. Our herbs are grown on our ownorganic farms and ethically.
Sourced from all corners of the world
In-depth research and development of herb activeconstituents and therapeutic applications.
Our stringent testing regimes guard against: Sub-stitution of species, Adulteration of herbs, Poorquality of herbs.
Modern Standardized Factory Along With4000 Tons Of Production Capability.
Plant raw materials/extracts: Custom specifications accepted (Whole/ Cut/ Powder)

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